Job Matching- The Key to Performance

Job Matching

The ROI of Communication Works’ Job Matching System

There is a clear connection between engagement, performance and profit. It is imperative to drive performance results at all levels of the organization in order to seize market position and steer growth. Recruiting talented candidates is not enough; it’s crucial that people are assigned to the specific roles where their talents will have the greatest impact on achieving company goals, and where they are most likely to remain onboard fully engaged. Matching each person to the right job using the TTI job matching process outlined here will give you the ultimate edge over competitors: it builds a superior performance work place and boosts employee morale and engagement. When they are up, so are overall company productivity and profits.

Job matching is the science of carefully defining superior performance in each position and using objective criteria to determine who is hired. The process goes deeper than conventional employment methods to create the most comprehensive definition possible of why a job exists. It’s the science and the art of carefully matching the right person to the job that’s ideally suited for them. The result is someone who is happier on the job and has a head start towards meeting aggressive performance goals. Traditional hiring methods that use only a job description and a list of desirable technical, educational and job experiences as filters, plus a favorable interview have not worked.

Download this white paper to read more about hiring superior performers: TTI-Job-Matching-The-Key-to-Performance-White-Paper