A few words from companies we’ve supported:

Hiring Intelligence

  Mindy has done an amazing job guiding us through creating a job profile, testing candidates against that profile, and educating us on how that candidate aligns with what we’re looking for. She has an easy warmth about her.

  Mindy has been our Employee Hiring and Business Coach since purchasing our animal hospital in 2007. Bringing Mindy on board for communication workshops and hiring has improved the happiness quotient in our workplace and has resulted in better retention of staff. We continue to use Communication Works on a daily basis!

  Mindy is not only an invaluable coach, but her insight with ‘people’ are unmatched. I would not hire one individual without Mindy’s assessment of the position and the candidates. She listens to your needs and helps you find the perfect individual for the job. In this environment, qualified applicants are easy to come by. Finding the right person who will stay and be productive is the hard part. She cuts through the uncertainty. I’d trust all ‘people’ decisions to Mindy.

  Our agency has used Mindy over the course of several years. She has helped us set up our hiring matrix and assisted with employee training. We always use Mindy because of her consistent results, personable style, and fresh insight. Her analysis has saved us thousands of dollars in salaries and training. I highly recommend her.

  Mindy’s ability to assist in training and hiring the right person for a job position is invaluable. I would highly recommend her to help put the right person in the right job at the outset…especially for a sales or professional position. The little extra time to do a really thorough evaluation on a possible new hire, saved in headaches, training time, and turnover!

Leadership & Development

  Mindy is a generous leader who enables a person to be ok feeling vulnerable in her presence.

  For a person like myself, scientifically and analytically driven, Mindy is consistently able to convince me of the critical importance of understanding the motivations and emotions underpinning people’s behavioral styles, and further, to provide the tools to improve interpersonal relationships with my colleagues.

  Working with Mindy in any capacity is a true treat. She is a dreamer and a doer that brings incredible value to any relationship, organization and client.

  Partnering with Mindy has been priceless in developing not only my own self-awareness and communication skills, but those of my various teams as well- the ROI is huge.

  Thank you, Mindy, for all the guidance you have provided the organization over the past few years. It truly has made a difference in how I look at hiring employees and also the quality of the individuals we hire. You have impacted individual team members and the organization in its entirety.

Employee Engagement

  Mindy is wise and effective. She helped our team improve effectiveness and substantially enhance our team culture. Her expertise enabled us to hire and screen dramatically better than ever before.

  We have worked with Mindy for about a year now and we can definitely say that she has helped elevate of company culture.

  Mindy is a great partner who is equally passionate about the development of your employees and company.

  Mindy is wonderful to work with to identify best ways for team to communicate, identify issues and come up with practical solutions to help drive business and a better working environment.