Every right hire is an investment in the future success of the organization, your team and you. 

Every right hire is an investment in the future success of the organization, your team and you.

Mindy Bortness - Hiring Superpowers

When You Can’t Afford to Mis-Hire

Communication Works, founded by Mindy Bortness, implements a proven hiring intelligence system designed for high-growth companies.
We specialize in:

   Hiring Intelligence
   Leadership & Development
   Employee Engagement

Mindy Bortness | Communication Works

Committed to Doing Meaningful Work

Communication Works Founder Mindy Bortness has an impressive resume of working with Fortune 500 companies, startups and high-growth companies. But, interestingly enough, it’s her love for people and dogs that have fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. With a mission to help everyone find their right place, Mindy is committed to helping leaders overcome the (seemingly) impossible hurdle of hiring smarter.

A Few Companies We’ve Helped: 

Our clients say:

We hired Mindy to help us work through some problematic employee behaviors. Mindy used assessments and her keen analytical skills to provide an insightful and practical plan to improve the situation. While working with Mindy on this particular issue, we realized that it would be useful to tap into her broad knowledge to help us improve the performance of other employees. Mindy identified opportunities for employees to grow both in their respective roles, and in the business in general. Her toolbox is full of unique ways to access and interpret the thinking and behavior patterns of employees. Armed with this knowledge, we are better able to support and motivate our A Team.

Debra Phillipes    Executive Vice President Chief Legal Officer The A Team Consulting   

Thank you, Mindy, for all the guidance you have provided the organization over the past few years. It truly has made a difference in how I look at hiring employees and also the quality of the individuals we hire. You have impacted individual team members and the organization in its entirety.

Pamela S. Williamson, PhD.    WBEC-West President & CEO   

I can't recommend Mindy and Communication Works enough! She has a wonderful talent of helping her clients to discover the life they are supposed to be living and the work they should be doing! Through her assessments and personal coaching sessions, I found my way out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship. It was the work I did with Mindy that helped me to find the confidence to make the leap!

Nicole R. Matthews, CSEP    The Henley Co. and Recess   

I have had the pleasure of working with Mindy over the past year as she has offered services to my firm. Mindy brings skill, intelligence and insight to her engagements. She helps people see themselves and their potential in an entirely new light. She supports their transformation, allowing her clients to support themselves and contribute to their communities. All I can say to Mindy is ‘Thanks for what you do.’

Timothy Tosta    Land Use and Environmental Law Partner: McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP   
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