Selecting Superior Performers Safely Under the Law

Some of the Issues That Keep Us From Hiring Superior Performers

Selecting Superior PerformersBias: The Biggest Barrier (Challenge) in Selecting Superior Performers

We all see the world from our own view point. This view is influenced by how we value experience, knowledge, economics, aesthetics, altruism, power and tradition. When we are confronted by a person who sees the world differently, these views could be called biases. Neither right or wrong, nor good or bad, biases are simply a reflection of our personal view point. Oftentimes, this personal viewpoint is unknowingly injected into the hiring process even when it is not relevant to a specific position or to the organization itself. When this happens, it creates a barrier, preventing us from selecting true superior performers.

In addition to bias, there are several other things that prevent us from hiring superior performers.

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