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Our clients say:

I had the pleasure of working with Mindy on a training program that helped our Private Equity team super-charge their sales efforts. Mindy gave each member of our team a clear understanding of their individual communication style as well as a deeper understanding of how their teammates, clients, and prospects communicate. She was incredibly engaging and perceptive. She helped our team make important improvements in our sales conversations and teaming. I look forward to continuing to work with Mindy on new projects in the year to come.

Amy Drysdale   

Senior Business Development Professional, Middle Market M&A and Private Equity   

I had the pleasure of working with Mindy at a prior firm. The insights I gained into myself and my communication style were invaluable. All of these years later, I still refer back to Mindy’s assessment of my work style in order to gain insight into my role in my current organization. In addition to being an expert in her field, Mindy is also an all around great person. I highly recommend Mindy!

Liseanne Kelly   

Special Counsel at Littler Mendelson   

I’ve saved time, energy and money and I’ve certainly reduced some stress now that we use Communication Works for candidate selection and employee coaching. They make my job easier.

Jodi Waterhouse   

Manager, Corporate & Professional Programs University of San Diego   

I can’t recommend Mindy and Communication Works enough! She has a wonderful talent of helping her clients to discover the life they are supposed to be living and the work they should be doing! Through her assessments and personal coaching sessions, I found my way out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship. It was the work I did with Mindy that helped me to find the confidence to make the leap!

Nicole R. Matthews, CSEP   

The Henley Co. and Recess   

We’ve lowered our turnover by well over 40% thanks in part to the new hiring process, employee coaching and training workshops we’ve implemented with Communication Works, Inc.

Ann Fitzgerald   

HR Director, PRA Destination Management   

Mindy does an excellent job with talent management process, directly with hiring, developing and engagement. She is a top-notch mentor and terrific speaker. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Darryl Sampson   

District Manager-Unleashed By Petco East Coast   

Mindy provided great value and interest to my team during her coaching sessions. She helped take my team to the next level of interaction, understanding one another and ultimately our customers.

Mike Haines   

Director of Sales at Enphase Energy   

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mindy over the past year in assisting us with clearly defining the key responsibilities of critical positions in our company through the use of customized business assessments. Mindy’s attention to detail, expertise, and passion for delivering a quaility product and service to our organization has been very beneficial to our organization. Mindy has the ability to communicate in a manner that builds trust and results in tangible results to the organizations fortunate enough to work with her on improving their work forces.

Jeff Huffman   

VP of Human Resources and Leadership Development at A Wireless – Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer   

In my work I interact with people from many countries and different cultures. I was stunned (and pleased) at how accurate your assessment of my personality and core beliefs were. Gaining insight into my natural and adapted styles of communication has made me a much more effective leader and probably easier to work with. As an added bonus–it has been a blessing in my family relationships.

Trond H. Einemo   

Pilot, United Airlines   

When I was asked to take the assessment test as part of the application process I wasn’t sure if it would benefit me or hinder me. I realized that I had to be honest in my answers. If I was not what they were looking for, then they were probably not what I was looking for. I could tell that PRA’s hiring process was just as much about them finding the right employee as it was about making sure I felt I had found the right company.

Amy Burnett   

recently hired Account Manager, PRA Destination Management   

Mindy is one of the most dynamic and engaging people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. She is an excellent presenter and trainer and conveys her message in a way that is fresh, captivating and memorable. The blend of her business acumen, impressive accomplishments and generosity of spirit make her a triple-threat! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Mindy will be better as a result, both professionally and personally. I have grown tremendously through her professional coaching.

Paige Cohen   

Regional Recruiting Manager at Kaplan Higher Education Corporation   

I have used Mindy’s services several times. I first started using Communication Works to create hiring benchmarks for key positions within my firm. Mindy did a great job of administering profiles and compiling the information used to create strong hiring benchmarks. I also used Mindy for supervisory coaching to assist with new hiring training and providing tools to handle personnel issues. In addition to these services, I used Communication works for Executive/Management Team coaching and facilitation of executive team building meetings. I found Mindy especially insightful, helpful and effective in these sessions. We were able to identify teamwork styles, breakdowns and find solutions for better working relationships. I would highly recommend Mindy and Communication Works in any capacity.

Deborah Martin CMP, DMCP   

President at The Deb Martin Group   

I have had the pleasure of working with Mindy over the past year as she has offered services to my firm. Mindy brings skill, intelligence and insight to her engagements. She helps people see themselves and their potential in an entirely new light. She supports their transformation, allowing her clients to support themselves and contribute to their communities. All I can say to Mindy is ‘Thanks for what you do.’

Timothy Tosta   

Land Use and Environmental Law Partner: McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP   

Mindy Bortness moves the needle in people’s lives. The epiphanies going off in the room were amazing–I could see my team thinking about how they could easily work more effectively with their customers.

Norman Barth   

Business Sales Manager, IBM   

Our firm collaborated with Mindy and Communication Works to help us secure grant funding to benchmark a unique and emerging change for the human resources providing a new health care model in the U.S. To that end, Mindy was expert in making sure we asked the right questions. She modeled a job benchmarking and interview process to identify the “perfect” job candidates as well as providing an educational model designed to mitigate any candidate’s weaknesses. We worked under a very rigid deadline requiring Mindy to supply full cost accounting and an implementation schedule that would dovetail into our overall program budget. She delivered on-time, on budget and offered numerous ideas for the program’s success. I would recommend Mindy and her services without any reservation whatsoever.

Janet Smith   

Owner, JS&A-On Assignment/On Assignment Studios   

I have worked with Mindy a number of times as we co-facilitate a Career Transition class. She is amazing, has high energy, and is a very focused and captivating speaker. Mindy is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Her specialty is working with tools such as TriMetrix, DISC, Workplace Motivators, and Emotional Quotient. One of her strengths is assisting people to identify their top talents that benefit them both professionally and personally. She outlines how to use these talents effectively in the workplace and in life. I have enjoyed partnering with her and would highly recommend her services.

Lynn Murray Delgado, CIR   

Account Recruiting Manager Aerotek Environmental & Engineering   

Since using Communication Works to benchmark jobs and select candidates, our employee retention has improved significantly. We are not just selecting new employees because we think (based on resumes), that they can do the job. We use the benchmark to see exactly how their skill set will complement the job. It’s a win-win for the company and the employee.

In addition, once the new employee has settled in, we continue to use the information learned from their assessment results to help with growth opportunities and goal setting. I have been with PRA for ten years and I feel that the team we have in place is the strongest we’ve ever had. This is a direct result of the smarter hiring and coaching process we’ve implemented with Communication Works.

Stephanie Dathe   

Account Manager Supervisor, PRA Destination Management   

I had the pleasure of working with Mindy when I hired her to assist me and my management team to understand and improve how we communicate with each other. 

Working in a call center is a very dynamic environment and cause a lot of tension and stress, which in turn escalates if management team members don’t understand each others’ personalities and the most effective forms of communicating with each other. 

Mindy’s assessment workshop allowed the team to gain an understanding of each team member’s personality, belief system, and the best way to communicate with each other without offending the receiver. 

If you have set strong strategic business/department/team goals, I’d highly recommend you partner with Communication Works, Inc.

David Waters   

Customer Service Professional   

We have worked with Mindy and Communication Works on several occasions. She has been great at providing communication training to our attorneys to help them examine and understand their own individual styles, while exploring new methods to adapt and work with clients and colleagues. Her style is unique and she is quick at picking up on what makes people tick.

Teresa Cherman   

Business Development Program Manager at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP   

As a Strategic Partner of the Gulas Group, Mindy adds a focused and talented perspective to our projects. Her specialties are in the fields of company Stages of Growth, communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence EQ, competencies and employee engagement. Every time we have partnered together on a project she exudes integrity and professionalism. All of our clients are very happy we added her to our team of strategic partners.

Ted Gulas   

CEO at The Gulas Group   

Mindy and I have worked together on several projects. I have been continually impressed with her ability to assess people and to give them feedback on their style in a way that they can hear it, absorb it and make changes. She is phenomenal at talent assessment, analyzing business situations, decoupling the people issues from the strategic ones, and creating an environment where companies can move forward where they were previously stopped. And her upbeat, fun, energetic personality is an added plus! I recommend her most highly.

Lauren Tanny   

COO & Sustainability Circle Coach, Tannywood   

I had the pleasure of working with Mindy while creating an innovative new concept for a large US retailer. Mindy was instrumental in identifying the skills, behaviors and rewards needed for the employees for this new concept utilizing Trimetrix Assessment. I have worked with many different assessments systems over the years, however this by far is the best out there. Mindy was able to bring together several different departments together to gain alignment with her inviting manner and her ability to educate people. 

The concept is a success and I have no doubt much of this is because of Mindy and her ability to dig deeply into an organization to find aligned values and help them hire and retain great employees.



Mindy does and excellent job of providing sales coaching and strategic planning. She has a great personality and is pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Mindy.

Tom Woolway   

Senior Vice President at Torrey Pines Bank   

Mindy is not only an invaluable coach, but her insight with ‘people’ are unmatched. I would not hire one individual without Mindy’s assessment of the position and the candidates. She listens to your needs and helps you find the perfect individual for the job. In this environment, qualified applicants are easy to come by. Finding the right person who will stay and be productive is the hard part. She cuts through the uncertainty. I’d trust all ‘people’ decisions to Mindy.

Melissa Bennett   

Jostens Team Houston   

I have had the great fortune to work with Mindy and Communication Works for the past 2 years and have been more than impressed with her results. I utilize the DISC analyses with all of my clients and Mindy has been instrumental in helping both me and my clients understand how to use the reports to better understand ourselves, our team, and how to make a roadmap for improvement & growth. If you haven’t taken the DISC, I highly recommend it. The insights I’ve gained have not only made me a better coach, but they’ve strengthened my relationships, helped me to navigate conflict resolution with ease and grace, and gave me the confidence to know I was heading in the right direction. I can’t thank Mindy enough for her generosity of time, spending hours with me to pour over many reports to help me understand how to get the best results with my clients. I’m truly grateful for all you do, Mindy! Thanks so much.

Stacey McKibbin   

Action Coach   

Mindy has been our Employee Hiring and Business Coach since purchasing our animal hospital in 2007. Bringing Mindy on board for communication workshops and hiring has improved the happiness quotient in our workplace and has resulted in better retention of staff. We continue to use Communication Works on a daily basis!

Nell Ostermeier, DVM   

Veterinarian at Pawsitive Thinkers – Lombard Animal Hospital   

Mindy and I are in the same Mastermind Group and I can attest to her incredible brilliance in the art of talent selection. Her many gifts and unique way so solve complex problems makes me look forward to sharing my current situation and hearing her wisdom to help solve it. 

She is more than an experienced consultant and coach, she is a caring warm human being who lives her values and has utmost integrity. 

If I can trust her with my business, so can you!

Shandel Slaten   

Executive Coach, Author, and National Speaker   

It was a pleasure dealing with Mindy. She spent time to uncover what was important to my team and me and made appropriate recommendations tailored to our goals. She kept her word, was respectful of time, personable, and professional. I highly recommend Mindy!

Markus Klotzek   

Sr. Manager, Technical Support Americas   

The benefits to this investment in your staff are threefold. Communication Works behavioral-based coaching allows your managers to identify and address specific developmental needs of both senior and rookie members of their sales teams, demonstrates and enhances a team culture, and most importantly, trains your sales staff to exact higher results with clients. Use of this process has contributed very quickly to both the interpersonal and revenue growth of our team.”

Gina Landau   

Director of Sales, KFMB   

Legal Vertical Strategies worked with Mindy after we had restructured our company. Being in a small, fast-moving business, it is easy for communication to break down, even unintentionally. My business partner and I worked with Mindy to understand our unique communication styles and develop strategies in which we can draw upon our individual strengths to grow our business. Since working with Mindy, I’ve referred her to several clients and highly recommend her here as well.

Debra Baker   

Law Firm Business Development Strategist   

Mindy’s work has helped LEAGUE Financial Partners grow by helping us attract, retain, and engage professionals who are not only experts in their field, but also a cultural fit with the LEAGUE Team. The reduction in “human resistance” helps our growth engine turn with maximum efficiency.

Emanual Arruda   

Founding Partner at LEAGUE Financial Partners   

Communication planning and implementation does not adequately summarize the deep insight into interpersonal relationships and creative strategizing that Mindy offers her individual and organizational clients. She has worked with me to develop new approaches and ideas that have helped me become a more effective leader, and she has helped others in our organization find more success and fulfillment in their careers.

Kurt Kicklighter   

California Executive Partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP   

Our agency has used Mindy over the course of several years. She has helped us set up our hiring matrix and assisted with employee training. We always use Mindy because of her consistent results, personable style, and fresh insight. Her analysis has saved us thousands of dollars in salaries and training. I highly recommend her.

Carolyn Konecki   

Vice President at Leavitt Group   

Mindy is a sophisticated consultant who can effectively provide strategic and intuitive insights that can change your business for the better. She conducted training for all of the lawyers at my law firm and literally caused me to change (and improve!) the way I communicate with colleagues and clients. She provided me with tools that I use to this day to enhance every aspect of my business relationships. I recommend her unequivocally to any business that would like to enrich their practices in hiring, performance evaluation, decision-making and/or communication strategies.

Julie Vogelzang   

Partner at Duane Morris LLP   

I worked with Mindy on two separate occasions. First, she worked with me and with high school seniors who worked with Mindy for clarity and discernment about their college plans. They all felt good about the information they received about the process she put them through. Secondly, Mindy came to work with volunteers at a nonprofit organization to help the group worked better as a unit, produce better products, and appreciate one another’s talents. Everyone ranked her service as “excellent and helpful”. Results could be seen and felt immediately. Thank you, Mindy.

Chris Timmins   

Author at Braided Streams   

Mindy is an exceptional professional to work with. It is abundantly clear that she has the talent, know-how, expertise, passion and dedication to empower businesses to support their people in an entirely new way. 

I have gained invaluable insights and taken my professional development to a whole new level by working with Mindy. She is a joy to work with and genuinely caring individual.

Nicole Rubin Sullivan   

Director of Human Resources, Culture and Development at LEAGUE Financial Partners   

Mindy’s ability to assist in training and hiring the right person for a job position is invaluable. I would highly recommend her to help put the right person in the right job at the outset…especially for a sales or professional position. The little extra time to do a really thorough evaluation on a possible new hire, saved in headaches, training time, and turnover!

Stacey Ross   

Nurse Practitioner at Revive Salon & Spa   

Thank you, Mindy, for all the guidance you have provided the organization over the past few years. It truly has made a difference in how I look at hiring employees and also the quality of the individuals we hire. You have impacted individual team members and the organization in its entirety.

Pamela S. Williamson, PhD.   

WBEC-West President & CEO   

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