Navigating Your Company Growth

What if you could give your company a flashlight into the future and help improve your people, performance, productivity and profitability to prepare for what lies ahead?

Navigating Company GrowthYour company is navigating the Stages of Growth, with a dance between chaos and equilibrium. As your company moves through the 7 different Stages of Growth, you face different challenges that require your leaders to adapt and decision making processes to alter. Communication Works, Inc. can be your partner to help you to foresee what lies ahead and guide you through it.

Mindy Bortness is a trusted advisor to CEOs and their leadership teams, with special emphasis on proven diagnostics to ID and address organizational and people issues, specifically focused on your Stage of Growth. For your organization, we build your custom X-Ray and Action Plan to address the universal challenges for your Stage of Growth, while taking into account your organization’s unique strengths and challenges. By understanding how to better navigate the 7 Stages of Growth, your company can grow and thrive!

Key Outcomes:

  • You’ll identify 27 key strengths and developmental areas and learn how they impact your business.
  • You’ll understand the right balance between chaos and equilibrium and how that changes from one stage to the next.
  • You’ll learn a common language of growth, enabling your entire team to address the real issues, and not just what appears on the surface.
  • You’ll walk away with critical initiatives clearly identified for action.
  • You’ll gain knowledge in how your leader(s) need to change as your business grows.

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