Solutions For Fueling Your Company Growth.

Functional vs. Dysfunctional Company Growth.


Solutions For Fueling Your Company Growth SolutionsAt the core, the success of your business is generated from a combination of people, profits and processes. They work in concert, season after season, functionally…or dysfunctionally!

You’re in charge. How effective are you at leading the charge? How successful have you been at implementing the changes necessary to propel your business upward?

Established in 2002, Communication Works is your trusted advisor for alleviating common pain points rooted in entrepreneurial or organizational growth, with emphasis on your greatest asset – your people.

Navigating your Company Growth

James Fisher researched and validated that organizations grow through seven predictable stages. They explode or implode due to fixed and variable challenges that hit them as they move from having 1 employee up to 500. Our Stages of Growth X-Rayshines the light on the obstacles preventing the growth you desire. Profits are inadequate to grow the company? There’s a Leadership/Staff communication gap? There’s a need for an improved business design? Our chaotic periods destabilize our company? Do these challenges hurt right now? We’ve discovered 27 universal challenges…and their solutions!

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Selecting the Right Team

Whether preparing for executive succession, filling open management positions as the need arises or staffing new roles created by restructuring or growth, how ready is your company to fill positions with star performers? Are you currently cultivating high potentials? Forward thinking leaders are mining their talent pool right now…deepening the engagement of existing stars while creating a whole new group of superior performers who will emerge from the ranks.

There’s a Jimmy Buffet song about how most of us are oysters while some become pearls. Are you hiring and keeping pearls?

Our patented Job Benchmarking process ensures you profile the role accurately and then hire and develop employees precisely to that role.

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Leadership Development and Engagement

Who are you, really? What energy and effort do you bring to the table? Do you lead through learning, serving and strengthening those around you? Each of us wants to matter. Each of us wants to live a life worthy of celebration. How we spend our days at work is a huge chunk of time, energy and effort so you want to get it right! Right? Our diagnostics in six different human sciences provide clarity to your personal and professional wiring. We start with your Personal Operating Manual and support your growth as you intend it to be.

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